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Our business activities currently encompass two very distinct markets; the Egyptian & the Saudi Arabian healthcare markets. Our upcoming expansions are targeted towards the MENA & GCC areas. Andalusia current markets: (Jeddah, Alexandria, Cairo)

Saudi Arabia:

The Saudi market is generally the largest market in the Middle East due to its considerable spending power and its hyper-competitive nature. Its healthcare market in particular is characterized by providing the highest quality services among the entire Arab world.

The Jeddah region in particular is populated with about 3.6 million inhabitants and has a cumulative bed capacity of about 2800 hospital beds. With an expected growth of 3-8% yearly, healthcare providers in the Jeddah region require an additional 50% increase to the existing bed capacity. Several other factors contributing to the increased demands for the healthcare services in KSA include:

  • Growth of awareness
  • Increase of the average individual’s income
  • Several categories joined the insurance coverage for companies with less than 500 employees



With over 75 million people, Egypt is one of the most populated nations in the MENA region. With a yearly increase of about 2% in population, Egypt is struggling to provide adequate healthcare. Despite many notable achievements in the last few decades, the Egyptian healthcare service industry is still considerably under development.

Egypt has a diversified and segmented healthcare system, with several different public & private providers & financing agents, and from our experience, there is a real necessity for high quality healthcare services in Egypt.

Our presence in the Egyptian market is focused in Cairo & Alexandria; the largest cities of Egypt with the highest demand for the healthcare services.